4 Home Remedies for Foot Relief

Sore feet are very common and affect mostly everyone in the world. There are three types of common causes that occur when people have sore feet. When exercising, people often overextend their tendons which causes temporary pain. Wearing uncomfortable shoes that do not have appropriate foot support for a long period of time can cause

Causes of Upper Back Pain

One of the most common complaints for people seeking pin management is upper back pain. This pain can be so bad that it can prevent people from their daily life activities such as work, and light leisure activities. Some people develop upper back pain due to injuries or pulled muscles like sports or physical contact. 

Herniated Disc Pain Management

A herniated disc can occur along the spine, usually on the lower back. Over time, the back handles numerous amounts of weight that will lead to gradual wear and tear which can lead to loss of fluid in the center of the vertebral. This causes less flexibility and increased risk to tear or rupture. A

Spinal Cord Stimulators

Any spinal cord injury can change your life drastically that alters your movement and loss of sensations. The spine is the central support system that helps your body with normal movements and any type of injury that damages your back will come with major side effects. There have been recent advancements with spinal cord stimulators