Pain Pumps – What Are They

Living with chronic pain can change a person’s entire lifestyle. Discomfort can be caused from leisurely walks, bike rides, playing with children or grandchildren, and sometimes when a person is doing nothing at all. Chronic pain can also lead to overnight discomfort, causing sleepless nights and daunting days. If you’re currently experiencing chronic or persistent

Facet Injections

Facet injections are a great option for patients seeking treatment for, or relief from, chronic pain – without the use of opioids. A facet injection procedure involves an injection, by needle, of an anti-inflammatory (steroid or cortisone) and a mild anesthetic (lidocaine), into an affected or nearby facet joint (located in the spinal column, where
Understanding Opioid Dependence The Opioid Epidemic is a term that many people are familiar with. For the use of this article, we will refer to the Opioid Epidemic when defining the growing number of deaths and hositaliations from Opioids, including both prescription and illicit drugs. To reduce these issues, and other issues related to Opioid
Pain and mental health are two very individual events that human beings experience. For example, two people with the exact same medical diagnosis and identical x-rays, may experience two very different levels of pain. Along the same lines, the mental health of two people who experience the same levels of pain, may have very different