Pain and mental health are two very individual events that human beings experience. For example, two people with the exact same medical diagnosis and identical x-rays, may experience two very different levels of pain. Along the same lines, the mental health of two people who experience the same levels of pain, may have very different
In some cases of chronic pain, opioids may need to be prescribed to help with a patient’s pain management routine. Some of the most common opioids prescribed for pain are: codeine, fentanyl, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, methadone, morphine, and oxycodone. Due to the strong nature of these drugs, periodically tapering or gradually reducing the dosage under the
For many people, one of the most overwhelming side effects of anxiety is how debilitating it can feel. People with anxiety often feel like they cannot fully enjoy their life. Anxiety doesn’t allow us to fully enjoy or be present for a variety of events. Examples could include family BBQs, concerts, screenings at the movie

Spinal Cord Stimulator Night

Last month we hosted a webinar with Dr. Barnett, where he discussed spinal cord stimulation, and the positive effects it has had on chronic pain and it’s success in pain management. His discussion included patient success stories and how to determine candidates for spinal cord stimulation. Dr. Barnett used this method to decrease the use