Stay Active It’s critical to keep your body active regardless the time of year. During the cold months we can feel less motivated and more inclined to stay home or are busy with other stuff. Low impact movements will keep your joints healthy. Some good options are indoor swimming, stretching, walking, and resistance training. We
Types of sports injuries Some of the most common injuries include:  Sprains – overstretching or tearing the ligaments. Ligaments are strips of tissue that connect the bones to the joint. Strains – overworking muscles or tendons. Tendons are tissue that connects bone to muscle. Fractures = broken bones. Dislocations – a bone is forced out

4 Home Remedies for Foot Relief

Sore feet are very common and affect mostly everyone in the world. There are three types of common causes that occur when people have sore feet. When exercising, people often overextend their tendons which causes temporary pain. Wearing uncomfortable shoes that do not have appropriate foot support for a long period of time can cause

Causes of Upper Back Pain

One of the most common complaints for people seeking pin management is upper back pain. This pain can be so bad that it can prevent people from their daily life activities such as work, and light leisure activities. Some people develop upper back pain due to injuries or pulled muscles like sports or physical contact.