Physical Pain and Emotional Health

The connection between physical and emotional pain, or distress, can occur in either direction. If someone is experiencing intense physical pain, emotional distress may follow. Similarly, if a person is experiencing intense emotional distress (worry, fear) they may exhibit physical symptoms. Some refer to this as psychogenic pain, or when physical pain is linked to
It is becoming increasingly more common for patients to seek alternative methods for managing their chronic or recurring pain symptoms, than it has been traditionally. Alleviating long-term pain is often tied to the use of prescription narcotics, which can be addictive and have adverse effects on one’s health. In instances where alternative forms of pain
Testosterone replacement therapy is an essential part of many patient’s pain management plans. Many individuals who suffer from chronic pain have lowered levels of testosterone serum in their bodies, stemming from their chronic issue itself or the treatments they undergo to deal with their chronic pain symptoms. While testosterone levels are commonly related to only

Pain Pumps – What Are They

Living with chronic pain can change a person’s entire lifestyle. Discomfort can be caused from leisurely walks, bike rides, playing with children or grandchildren, and sometimes when a person is doing nothing at all. Chronic pain can also lead to overnight discomfort, causing sleepless nights and daunting days. If you’re currently experiencing chronic or persistent